Ever been to a show and said, “who is that band?? I love ‘em!”, then did nothing…

HIL Logo LargeEver been to a show, and said, “who is that band?? I love ‘em!”

It’s one of the great live music mysteries. How do you make music discovery as easy as possible?

Think about this – you’re playing your gig, you get on the mic, speak your band name, plug your new album – the crowd is loving you, you’re thinking, “we are going to sell a few albums and pickup some new fans tonight! Woo hoo!”

We’ll, you’re not. At least not as many as you should. I know. I’m the guy near the bar, who won’t stray too deep into the crowd where I can actually hear what you are saying. It’s because its going to take 10 minutes just to get back to get where I was, then wait another 10 minutes to get another cocktail. That’s unacceptable! Instead, I’m drinking my cocktail where I can get another within just several minutes, and still enjoy your tunes. AllĀ I heard was, “smghhg h – hmmm ALBUM, amugmmm”. Literally, this is what I hear! Oh – I hear your music just fine – and you’re great! I love it. I would maybe buy your album on iTunes, like you on Facebook.. but I’m clueless to what the hell is going on with what your saying. My time is split focusing on cocktail in hand, scoping out the local talent in the bar and then, when you start playing, that’s when I tune back in.

This my friend, is your typical live show patron.

Now imagine instead of me just hearing the word “album” – I heard HEAR-IT-LIVE, and maybe I heard it was some kind of app. Near me, I see someone pull out their phone. The app launches bright white with the words HEAR-IT-LIVE on it. As I’m peering around this chick next to me, it seems this app knows we are at the “(fill in club name here)”, and displays a short list of names. They tap on a name, which may even be your bands name I think I heard – and is clearly pulling them up on their screen. Next this person starts checking out albums and then jumps to a Facebook page and “likes” the band. With a satisfied look on their face, this person puts the phone away, and gets back to grooving to your great funky music knowing they are now connected with your great band. There is no doubt in my mind that I would be downloading this app next and using it at every show I could. I want new music – no, I need new music, and this app makes it too damn easy to connect with the band I’m hearing right now, before I forget your name – which is going to happen in two cocktails.

If this sounds far fetched – it’s not. I am that guy in the bar, and I’ve been going through this ritual of going to a live show and not coming away fully educated and connected to the band I’ve just seen for way too many years. This has to stop…

So I created HEAR-IT-LIVE.

I’ve been working on this app for about 3 years, trying to figure out how to make it “just work”. It’s quite an educating experience getting to know the current state of the music industry, the trials and tribulations of what you artists do on a daily basis, and the incredible amount of work that goes into growing your following and your career.

I’m impressed. This is no small feat. You need help. Lots of help.

The concept I’ve laid out above is ready and available now for free in the iTunes AppStore. It’s now up to you, the artist, to request an invite to the HEAR-IT-LIVE service to participate. It’s free, and it’s as simple for you to setup that we can think of. We will even help any way we can to get you onboard.

HEAR-IT-LIVE works around the globe. So don’t worry about your upcoming UK tour, or anywhere else in the developed world you might be playing. This same experience can be duplicated anytime you are playing a gig. From the smallest club, to a stadium – having your artist profile setup with your music, merchandise, social media links and all your upcoming shows is all you have to do to enable this world of “in the moment” fan connection.

Now being that I’ve been working on this for 3 years, and there are more features within the app to cover in upcoming posts. We’ve been toying with all kinds of ideas – from Gamification features – to streaming radio. The Gamification stuff you might find pretty interesting for future thought, but will require an entire post just for it. So you will have to wait for that.

But for now, lets just focus on getting your band on the service and start allowing people to connect with you at the peak of their interest – while at the show.

So until next time – you keep chipping away, and we’ll keep kicking around new ideas for helping you build your following.

- Jon

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